Get It Right With An Electric Wax Warmer

An electric wax warmer is commonly used in salon services. If you are a waxing expert, you’ll know how important it is to have a quality heater for optimum results. Many people also chose to own a heater or warmer at home, as they feel more comfortable carry out waxing on their own. This can come with its risks but many people are happy to accept the challenge.

Why Use An Electric Wax Warmer

Using a heater will make your life so much easier. By using a wax warmer, you are able to quickly achieve waxing results. In addition to this, the varied heating settings also help to prevent any burning of the skin. It’s important to test the wax before putting it on a client. Once you’ve worked out the best temperature for your service with the wax, you’ll be able to fit in more clients with all the time you’ve saved.

Wax Pot or Handheld Heaters?

Picking the right electric wax warmer for you can be a tough decision. Most waxing services will usually have both on hand and will use the appropriate one when needed. The handheld wax heater is a mess-free solution that is used mainly for arm, bikini lines, delicate areas of the body like underarms too. It allows you to set it to custom temperatures for the waxing service and is very light. Unfortunately, this can’t be used over the entire body. Wax pots are the perfect solution for waxing anywhere on the body. While this is a little messier and can sometimes be hard to control, it’s more versatile. The pot, with waxing accessories like wax sticks, are using to wax delicate areas on the face, such as eyebrow. Finally, before starting to wax, make sure you have the essential pre and post-wax solutions on hand. These will help to ensure that the wax runs as smoothly as possible and skin irritation doesn’t occur. Even the best professionals can sometimes make mistakes, so try to avoid self waxing those nitty-gritty areas.


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  • Glammar Electrical

    Glammar GlideOn Triple Hand Held Wax Heater

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  • Glammar Electrical

    Glammar Glideon Hand Held Wax Heater Double

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  • Glammar Electrical

    Glammar Wax Heater 1000 1Ltr

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  • Lycon

    Lycon Cartridge Kit With Heater

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  • Lycon

    Lycon Lycopro Duo Wax Heater 2x800g

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  • BeautyPRO

    BeautyPRO Wax Expert Twin Pot


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